Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem and Self Confidence – Are there any difference in the two?

Although intrinsically linked, the internal perception of Self Esteem and Self Confidence are not always distinguishable on its own, and tend to overlap which can be confusing for the experiencer.

Self Esteem is how worthwhile a person feels. It is the degree to which one feels confident, valuable, and worthy of respect.

Self Confidence, on the other part, is the ability to do something successfully.

Our Self Confidence can be impacted by uncontrollable and unforeseeable external factors, which has nothing to do with Self Esteem. However, through time, and insufficient self-care, our Self Confidence can plummet and deteriorate rapidly, were we develop low self-esteem issues.

The longer it takes to pick ourselves up again after we fall, metaphorically, the more rapidly our Self Esteem erodes through time.

Likewise, the more we build on our Self Confidence, the quicker we can recover our sense of self (Self Esteem) and start to feel better.

The good news is, developing and returning to healthy Self Esteem and Self Confidence can be done, and we have the tools to help you do just that.

Using the same tools and techniques, we also facilitate transformative life changes for our clients who want to shift from one level to the next, by-passing all the unnecessary obstacles and challenges by programming healthier templates, which leads to better decision making and help Clients develop more resilience mentally, physically and emotionally.

Are you experiencing the following?

Based on a combination of and integration of several psychotherapy techniques, hypnotherapy methods and trauma recovery tools, our tried and tested IAMS (Integrated Approach and Methods) works, and have helped many of our Clients address negative, self-defeating thoughts, reshape these thoughts into positive thoughts and actions that build confidence. Through time, Clients learn to develop resiliency in coping with the many challenges in daily life, and help them formulate more helpful ways in approaching and resolving difficult situations, as well as develop an internal evaluation system which is more realistic, effective and less likely to be based on assumptions.

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