Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Grief can sometimes feel like an unsurmountable mountain.
Everyday, you climb a little, hoping you would reach the peak.
Some days, you give up.
Some days, you just sit there.
Staring at the landscape, of the beauty of life that surrounds you.
In a mindless numbness.

You know one day you will get off, and start living that life again.
But for now, grief is just a huge looming mountain that is in front of you.
And while you are climbing, you do not see this mountain.
Some of us do not even know we are on one.

The thought of it makes me want to return to an endless slumber.
My life stopped, the day he left.

~ Anonymous

It can sometimes appear to be an impossible feat to scale that mountain of grief.

Moments of grief can push us to our lowest point and is a critical time that requires genuine connection and support from family, friends and a good support network. It is also the time to seek appropriate support, from a mental health professional who has experience in the grieve management process and trauma recovery (psychological and emotional trauma).

We have worked with many individuals whom have undergone significant loss, arising from many different circumstances, which had resulted in real loss, and also those that are anticipatory in nature, such as anticipatory grief, disenfranchised grief and complicated grief.

General categories of grief arise from a loss of relationships, health, job, home, financial stability, illness, and loss of safety after a trauma.

Other categories of grief arise from anticipation (going to happen, but do not know when), such as anticipatory grief which develops before a significant loss occurs, such as a family member being diagnosed with an illness, worries and anxiety surrounding retrenchment or retirement and imminent financial constraints which are foreseeable in the future.

Grief can also be challenging when the feelings of loss cannot be openly mourned, such as a loss of a loved one to suicide, or a miscarriage, or loss of a same-gender partnership through death, being just some of the examples. This is known as disenfranchised grief, and can require multiple approaches to therapy to manage the multiple layers of loss and navigating the grieving process.

Complicated grief usually arises from a death of a loved one, and where the loss has left the individual stuck in a state of bereavement. Individuals may be unable to accept that their loved one has gone, search for them in familiar places, experience intense longing, or even feel that life is not worth living.

At JL Counselling and Hypnotherapy Singapore, we help you navigate the grieve management process, through one of life’s greatest challenges and help you find healthier ways to cope.

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